Sunday School and Young Adult Ministries (YAM)

The mission of the Sunday School & Holiness Youth Ministry (HYM) is to provide leadership training and the Core Christian Education in the Church and community, to teach and train teachers and students and Young Adults in the Word of God. We will execute this mission through our Officers, Youth Leaders, Administrators and Young Adults Ministry to achieve the Vision.

We will be a Bible based & Bible Teaching Auxiliary of the Church of Christ (Holiness) USA producing faithful servants Committed to teaching at all levels of our Church. Training Teachers, Administrators Youth Leaders and Young Adults to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. OUR MOTTO IS : GEARED TO THE TIMES, BUT ANCHORED IN THE ROCK

Unitied Christian Women’s Ministry (UCWM)

The United Christian Women’s Ministries, through faith and prayer, will Uplift the name of Jesus, Cultivate accountable relationships,Work to train, educate, build, and evangelize, Mentor new converts, youth and children.

The United Christian Women’s Ministries encourages women of all ages to cultivate their relationship with Christ, and to provide services that will challenge, train, and equip it’s members and future generations for ministry, evangelism, and spiritual growth.


The Brotherhood of the Church of Christ (Holiness) U.S.A. is an organization comprised of men who are connected to God, empowered by Christ, and guided by the Holy Spirit. Our mission is to equip, develop, and encourage men in becoming men of spiritual valor, obedient disciples, and kingdom builders, as a result of our proliferating relationship with Christ and other Christian brethren.